Where did Rands and Nairas come from?

So I recently got my galaxy S5. I’ve been going mad with the apps I’ve been downloading. One of the apps I got was a cool music app that’s been around for ages now called shazam.

Basically, the way this app works is by identifying what song is playing by searching a massive database.

I was checking out songs on mtv base just for the hell of it when Rands and Nairas comes on. I switched shazam on and told it to listen to the song and to my horror, a song by some guy in LA in the USA  shows up. I figured it was an error so I asked shazam to listen again. I got the same song. I decided to investigate further and searched for this person. When I played his song It had the exact same beat accompanying his lyrics. When I say the same beat I mean it was the exact same instrumental. I was so lost.

Make of it what you will, but I smell something foul. Only the people involved in making Rands and Nairas know what the story is. I rate that weird behaviour always catches up to you.

Who needs a music journalist when you have shazam.



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    I like controversy! It fuels the music heads. For all we know Emmy Gee is the one who got screwed over by the system. I think someone should make more noise about this.


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      Shame. I’m sure his camp will try keep it under wraps. I’m sure this type of thing happens more often than we might think.

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