When will samro pay you for your music

As we’ve established, samro is an important part of getting paid for your exploits. Understand that in terms of a body that can take care of your payment and copyright, samro is your only option in south africa.

I’m going to go through skill’s method 1st. My next post will go through what I heard when I gave samro a call and spoke to a very knowledgeable lady.

So skill has actually received cash from samro. The amount is irrelevant. I just wanted to know that his method works. It worked for him and now I’m here to tell you how you can get it to work for you.

So skill told me that because his song wasn’t on any playlist, he had to get all the info about when the song played as well as a recording of the song playing on radio as evidence. After you’ve tracked this info yourself and send all this info in to samro in table format so they can cross reference and it all checks out then you’ll get paid.

I know the perception is that if your music plays on a hip hop show that you won’t get paid but that’s not the case. If you’re diligent about your records, you’ll collect rands.

Later on he was able to get his song on the hot 99 show. This was a lot easier to track of yet he still kept samro in the loop of when his music played.

Below is a pic. The song us called fresh I am by blaqphamas.


So its possible to start earning. Get your samro membership forms in order and let’s start collecting.

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