My opinion on beat-selling websites

Should producers be using beat selling sites to sell?

I was checking my emails this morning when I got some spam (surprise surprise). This person wanted me to sign up to their site. They promised me the world and then some. He was on some “for a small fee, get heard by other artists, sell your beats and become well known”.

I remember joining such a site when I was still in university. I haven’t seen a single madiba from that venture. Not a single one. I did a bit of digging and discovered that the ones making money are those producers with a massive following who have purchased the premium plans on the website. Looks like one big ol scheme to me.

In essence, if you post your music up there its mostly being heard by other producers doing the same damn thing you are. Everyone is trying to get their beats heard at little or no cost to themselves. I liken the whole process to the crab in a bucket analogy where there are a bunch of you struggling to get out yet none of you are actually going anywhere.

why would I go and buy another person’s  beats when my objective Is to push my own product? Why?! That’s like walking into woolies and being asked to sell the clothes you’re wearing. I actually rate you’re better off selling your beats door to door.

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