Hangouts: N’veigh

So i had a chance to ask N’veigh a couple questions. Read on to see what he had to say.


Me: I’m sure you get this one often, but why the name N’veigh?

N’veigh: Well it started in highschool, me & a few of my friends used to search for intricate words in the dictionary, well we was trying to use them as aka’s. I came across In-veigh (which means to verbally attack someone) so all I did was remove the letter “I” & changed the hyphen to an apostrophe.

Me: Can you give readers a short bio about yourself?

N’veigh: Simple actually. I’m one half of the rap group THE ANVILS, NikNaks rap-off winner, PTA’s golden boy, your favourate rapper’s favourate rapper. Oh did I also mention that I been involved in 4 SAMA nominated albums??? Lol.

Me: Can you give us 3 adjectives that describe your lyrics

N’veigh: Thought-provoking, visual and easy to relate to

Me: How about 3 adjectives that describe the type of sound you go for when picking beats? Help us out here.

N’veigh: Grimy, Jazzy & Nostalgic

Me: Weapon of choice for documenting lyrics? Pen/pad, cellphone, laptop, etc

N’veigh: Laptop

Me: Some of the greatest artists, regardless of their field, worked with a mentor. Do you believe having one is important? If so, who is yours?

N’veigh: I guess it depends hey, I had a mentor and I remember at 1st he didn’t know much about the music industry, he was just an engineer working for Eskom. He used to approach business in music via the knowledge of a nine to fiver. He eventually became so clued up & that’s where I learned a lot of the stuff I know today. I sit back & think, he didn’t have a mentor yet he managed to achieve most of his goals. so I do think it boils to an individual & what he/she prefer.

Me: 2007 to 2014. What about the development of Hip Hop in south africa has been most prominent for you?

N’veigh: I think so many things have been prominent, 1st & foremost the quality in production has sky-rocketed. The game is now more competitive & people have started treating their music with a business aspect attached to it. The mere fact that big companies are now attaching their brands to some local artists proves that our impact is quite lethal. Music has become a business and I respect that. People are now eating off their hobbies.

Me: That’s the dream my man. So, 2014 to 2021. What one thing do you feel can change in that time frame that will push Hip Hop in South Africa to a higher place?

N’veigh: the culture moving from just music to being a lifestyle. Exploring other avenues, Blogs, sites, fashion etc. We need to move beyond the comfortable phase of just making music. So much can be done to accommodate the other elements of hip hop. We need to reach a point where we can even shoot movies based on an artists up-bringing. I’d love to see how IFANI, AkA, PdotO grew up & what challenges the faced in their upbringing

Me: Lastly, arsenal, united, city or chelsea? Where do your loyalties lie?

N’veigh: I’m a scouser fam, LIVERPOOL!!!

Me: haha! Good luck to you and your team. Looking forward to your new work dude.

N’veigh’s Motshiko video with PdotO has heads turning. Watch it here. Find him on twitter right here.

@silasbeats on twitter

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