Get Paid by SAMRO

Has SAMRO paid you lately?
Are you registered with them?

In my last post I explained how you can get paid by SAMRO even if you haven’t been put on a radio station’s playlist.

I was phoning SAMRO to get a hold of my member number and IPI number when I thought I should ask questions to clarify their payment process. The lady told me that when you complete your membership with SAMRO they register you as an inactive member. Before you start receiving payment you have to go from being an inactive member to being an active member. The way you do this is by getting your music playing on radio. By law, all radio stations are required to send their cue sheets to SAMRO. These cue sheets are records that show exactly which songs have been played on that station. It takes SAMRO 18 months to process these cue sheets according to the lady I had on the phone. Once your song plays have been recognized by SAMRO, their board has to approve your membership status change from inactive to active member. The SAMRO board meets 5 times each year according to the lady I spoke to. Once you become an active member then you will start getting paid after your song plays on radio.

All in all the first year or so after you start this process may be bare in terms of royalties, but once it’s all in place then it’s done. No doubt you may need to sit on SAMRO’s case every few weeks to make sure they’re still handling your case but that’s a small price to pay for royalty payments.

If there’s any information that I forgot to add about royalty payments then feel free to contact me on 074 605 7360 or . I’m no authority on the subject, I’m just a dude with a bit more information than the next person.

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