Congratulate – AKA. I promise I’m not throwing shade


congratulate is a pretty cool song. I won’t lie, I didn’t like it at 1st at all. It’s kinda had to grow on me.

Do me a favour…

Have a listen through to the bridge where he talks about Da Les’ bun in the oven. I guess you could say it’s at the bridge. It’s that part near the end.

Listen carefully for the instrument that sounds like a high pitched *ting*. It’s the one that follows on with the main singing sample (trying to keep my explanation as lay as possible). Once you’ve found it, give yourself 10 points and a biscuit.

Now notice how this instrument plays in various parts of the song, but for sooooome reason it seems to be slightly out of place at this part. It’s not necessarily out of time, It’s just a bit out of place. I’ve thought about all sorts of reasons why they may have done it like this and nothing about it sits well with my ears. I may be going crazy, but I think it was a mistake…


Tell me what you hear.

Anyway, it’s a great song with an awesome video. Just thought I’d share.



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      That’s exactly what I thought happened. With all the pattern blocks, it’s easy to misplace 1. It’s musical sin to not notice though

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