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The power of a mailing list

If you’re trying to keep people informed then a mailing list is the way forward. There are so many good points to creating one that it would be silly to overlook it. It’s great that you want to blanket message people via FB and there’s probably more chance of people reading your message but a […]

Get Paid by SAMRO

Has SAMRO paid you lately? Are you registered with them? In my last post I explained how you can get paid by SAMRO even if you haven’t been put on a radio station’s playlist. I was phoning SAMRO to get a hold of my member number and IPI number when I thought I should ask […]

Hangouts: N’veigh

So i had a chance to ask N’veigh a couple questions. Read on to see what he had to say. Me: I’m sure you get this one often, but why the name N’veigh? N’veigh: Well it started in highschool, me & a few of my friends used to search for intricate words in the dictionary, […]


So as the year trudges on and more music is released, Jlawless and I tried something a bit harder hitting than anything that came off of the previous EP. A minor disclaimer on this track, Walter White, is that it’s not an official single. If you like it though, hit me up on whatsapp or […]