AKA lashes out about Toyota Corolla

I’ve seen major uproar since stories surfaced that AKA didn’t hide his feelings after organizers in an African country tried to transport him in a Toyota Corolla. I was instantly on some “what an ass! Just be happy, get what you can out the country and get back on the road, dammit!” After thinking about it and having a conversation with J-Lawless about branding, we were able to see where he and his team were coming from.

Imagine Mercedes Benz made a cheeky, youthful car that competed with the Toyota Yaris? It wouldn’t make sense for their brand to be honest. Prominent artists (AKA brands) spend large amounts of cash trying to carefully build an image. Small things like this Corolla incident could really set them back if taken lightly. I totally get where AKA and his team were coming from. I mean I’m not the biggest fan of his music, but I understand some of the things they do.

It’s the same when that South African artist you’ve always wanted to feature, snubs you. That person’s team most probably blocks you because they don’t know you and how good/bad you would be for their brand. If you have no track record and you approach them with a promise with no foundation, it’s most probably. quite late for that idea. It’s probably best to take it on the chin and to try not to catch too many feelings when people say no.

I think artists of any kind can all take something from this incident. I certainly know to watch what I do and say where and when I do it. There are some cool articles on Google as well as some easy-to-understand YouTube videos that have some good info on brands and how to build and maintain them. Get on that.


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