4 ways to improve productivity in your music business

I recently watched a 1 hour webinar that was centred around increasing productivity in your music business. I picked up some golden nuggets of information from a group called GTSmovement. Below is a basic summary as well as some points that I’ve been following that have helped me complete more for my music business in a short space of time.


1. Keep a diary or to-do list
This could possibly be the most important point on the list. Keeping s diary or a to-do list is an easy way to track your progress and make sure you’re doing everything you need to without skipping anything. Do you have a meeting with a PR guy next week? Maybe you need to finish 10 beats by the end of the month. Write them down. You might say, I don’t get much work and I can remember it all in my head. I say it’s good practice for later on when things do pick up. I’ve had weeks where I’m bouncing from meeting to meeting and can assure you that I would’ve missed one had I misplaced my diary that week. Write it down. Date it. Tick it when it’s done.

2. Wake up 1 hour earlier
I started doing this one recently
Quick question… how much can you complete in an hour?
Maybe you could start a beat
Write a verse
Market your business
Listen to some audio that will help your business
Send and answer emails
Interact on social media and schedule your posts for the day
Write a blog post
Read a blog post
Read my blog posts 😛

What ever it is, how much more would you get done if you woke up one hour earlier each day. That’s 7 extra hours a week to work on YOU! That’s about 30 extra hours a month to develop your craft and work on your business. It’s about the same amount you spend at your job from Monday to Thursday. It’s precious time that you get over your competition. 1 hour earlier each day to fast track your progress. Think about it.

3. Map your goals
Remember your new years resolutions? No? Did you write them down? No?
It’s been proven that there is a higher chance of attaining your goal if you map it out and write it down. Now I don’t like posting proven things without a reference, but I can understand why something like this could be true. Humans need to visualise things. Writing down what you want to achieve allows you to see the entire picture and fully internalise it. It also allows you to refer back to that piece of paper if you forget your goals or want to readjust them. Hang it up in your room or put the list on tge sleeve of your diary. Make sure your goals follow the SMART formula.


There will be a higher chance of reaching them if they fit this formula.

4. Have an accountability partner
Q: Why do people gym better when they have a gym partner?

A: Accountability and motivation to complete that set or to increase their reps. Why not do that with yours goals and your productivity. Inform a friend or partner of your goals and time frames and ask them to do the same with theirs. If you are both serious about your goals then you will instantly have more drive to complete them so as to not disappoint the other.


There’s nothing worse than asking a musician when they plan on releasing and their answer is a vague date sometime at the end of the year. If I’m going to release a song or some beats then I like to mention the date, the day and the month. It shows you are serious about what you’re doing and you actually know about your product. Appearing ignorant won’t score you any points anywhere.

As a last point I’d like to mention that setting a goal means sticking to it as far as the universe will allow. Granted life does happen, but you don’t want to be that person that keeps pushing your release date back over and over due to unforeseen circumstances.

So these are my 4 productivity tips. If you liked them, please comment below. If you didn’t, also comment below. Also remember to get at me on whatsapp if you have any questions or of you just want to talk music.



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    I honestly don’t know what I would be without my daily to-do list. I keep a physical one as well as on my phone. It helps me get a lot done. As for waking up an hour early, I’m not making any promises…

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      I totally get you. I won’t lie the 1st morning was hell getting up. I think it gets easier. I promise to make you accountable if you do the same for me.

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    Maputle Gift Moletsane

    Yo this is truly nice man and I mean not just for producers but for artists as well as people in other professions. I appreciate the advice. peace

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      No doubt. I’m glad you took the time to read. I sure hope it’s not only producers reading.

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    Thanks for that good read, I have read these steps before but it sinks in better when you put in a music business context.

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      Yeah. I can definitely relate. I was watching GTS movement content and it’s cool cause they also come up with practical examples.

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