4 ways to combat beat block

Ever heard of Beat block?

It’s a real thing. Contrary to popular belief, producers are people and they do suffer from beat block from time to time. I’ve just come out from a short spell of beat block myself. I swear it hits you like the flu and you have no desire to make anything or be creative at all. Here are a few ways I combat beat block.


New music
When you feel like nothing inspires you, I believe that the quickest way out of that rut is to inspire yourself. Go grab some new music from your favourite artist and watch that beat block fade away. Better still, put together a playlist of your favourite songs from your favourite artists and listen through them a few times. Those old melodies will have you creating in no time.

New genre
Sometimes giving a new genre a chance will give you plenty inspiration to come out of beat block. When I gave Enya a chance, I never looked back. The melodies I heard in her music were like nothing I’d ever heard before.

Create an unfinished folder
Do you delete your unfinished beats if you don’t like them? Rather save them in an unfinished folder for later. I’ve often opened up an old project with new ears and completed a beat that’s been sitting there for months. You get a great sense of accomplishment and it takes that uninspired feeling away.

Get into dialog with your mentor
1st off if you don’t have a mentor then you need to get one asap. I maintain that it doesn’t have to be someone you know or have contact with. It can be an overseas or famous artist that you can follow. Their new initiative may inspire you. I remember watching the Black Mozart video. I was inspired for a few months. I found it so powerful. I still use it today when I’m in a beat rut.

Try these 4 tips and tell me whether you’re still suffering from beat block. I’ll have a followup post to this one with a few more ways to combat beat block.

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