4 more ways to combat beat block

In the last post I went on about 4 easy ways you can fight the dreaded beat block. Here goes the next 4 points you can use to keep your ideas fresh and your listeners entertained.


Set beat goals
Know that by the time the week is out you want to have a certain amount of beats done and a certain amount of skeleton beats done. This will aid in productivity. I try to make sure even my worst weeks yield at least 4 complete beats. If you are consistent about this you’ll have at least 200 complete beats a year.

Make templates
When you are inspired, save one of your old beat’s drums in a template folder. The template folder can be filled with templates labelled “trap”, “rnb”, “upbeat hip hop”, “Jazzy hip hop” etc. This way you have a starting point even when you aren’t very inspired.

Try a new genre
Maybe it’s time to switch it up.
Have you been making East coast sounding beats the whole month? Switch it up a bit for the next few beats and see what happens. You might not be good for hip hop, but when you lay down a house or EDM beat then things start to fall into place.

30 minute beats
When the block hits you, try working on a beat for 30 minutes. Go right into another beat for another 30 minutes. Do this a few times. I guarantee you’ll dig one of the 30 minute efforts. Carry on working on the one that shows the most promise and save the rest in your unfinished folder.

The theme that runs through most of the points is that you don’t have to sit and finish beats In one go. It’s perfectly productive to go in and work on 5 skeletons or go in just to tweak the drum pattern. You just need to get into the habit of going back to listen to your old beats.

If you have any tips or comments you can leave them below. Tell us how you go about fighting beat block. Get me on Facebook or Twitter @silasbeats or via email on silasbeats@gmail.com.


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