Where did Rands and Nairas come from?

So I recently got my galaxy S5. I’ve been going mad with the apps I’ve been downloading. One of the apps I got was a cool music app that’s been around for ages now called shazam.

Basically, the way this app works is by identifying what song is playing by searching a massive database.

I was checking out songs on mtv base just for the hell of it when Rands and Nairas comes on. I switched shazam on and told it to listen to the song and to my horror, a song by some guy in LA in the USA  shows up. I figured it was an error so I asked shazam to listen again. I got the same song. I decided to investigate further and searched for this person. When I played his song It had the exact same beat accompanying his lyrics. When I say the same beat I mean it was the exact same instrumental. I was so lost.

Make of it what you will, but I smell something foul. Only the people involved in making Rands and Nairas know what the story is. I rate that weird behaviour always catches up to you.

Who needs a music journalist when you have shazam.


4 thoughts on “Where did Rands and Nairas come from?

  1. Matt Young – Living in a dream – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m737cg8-sLM

    Rhyan Besko – Heart Breaker – http://www.reverbnation.com/rhyanbesco/song/19991382-heart-breaker-feat-morgan-james

    My Shazam went crazy this time around. I’m sure there are a few versions. I’m guessing it was a free beat. If that’s the case I can’t throw shade, Rands and Nairas hook kills the other two. Matt Young is a close second. The beat chops on Matt young’s version is by far the best. I also prefer Matt’s bridge.

  2. I like controversy! It fuels the music heads. For all we know Emmy Gee is the one who got screwed over by the system. I think someone should make more noise about this.


    1. Shame. I’m sure his camp will try keep it under wraps. I’m sure this type of thing happens more often than we might think.

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