What drives you? 

• Are you the kind of person that’s driven by competition?
• Are you driven by approval? 

• Are you driven by deadlines? 

• Are you driven by desperate or dire situations? 
Once you find out what drives you you’ll find it easy to motivate yourself to get up in the morning. Once a year I try this thing where I take my entire salary and put it in a place where I won’t touch it. Then I proceed to come up with ways to come up with the money to manage my expenses for the month. I’ve realised that I’m most driven when I’m pushed into a corner like this. When I’ve got nowhere to hide then I tend to do my best so now I try and drive myself into corners so that I can do my best work. This is what works for me. What works for you?
I think I speak for many people when I say that it’s impossible to maintain a heightened state of focus or concentration for days and weeks at a time without fatiguing, but sometimes it’s necessary to dig deep within to find what will get you to the end goal. 
Im here to help. I want to talk about some methods I use to stay pumped long past the expiry date.  
1. Play sport or do some form of exercise 

Playing soccer allows me to get rid of excess energy a few times a week. I feel refreshed and I usually rest better after a game. You may want to use gym or pilates to get the same effect.
2. Time out

Rest and sleep are so important if you want to be a successful individual. I know I advocate for less sleep to reach your goals, but we all have a breaking point. Find out what yours is and don’t allow yourself to sleep binge or be sleep deprived. It’s not healthy and you waste so much time. 
3. Get an accountability partner

I have a few of these. We’re forever messaging one another trying to ensure we’re working and not sleeping. Sometimes people disappear for weeks without words, but having accountability partners means this isn’t possible. Get yourself a buddy and keep the modes of communication open. Shout out to @DmaniaTPO and @SkillMusicSA.
4. Build a team

Having more than one person on your side makes you stronger. I’m sure you’ve realised by now that no great brand has been built by only one person. Get together with some like-minded individuals and build a strong unit. 
With these few tips you can ensure that you stay charged long after the inspiration dissipates. Stay driven, Stay motivated.



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