Yeezy Season rolls the red carpet out for the third straight week as KSG keeps the momentum moving forward.

I would like to start this with the one negative on this album; there wasn’t enough humming from Kid Cudi. Yes, that is a legit negative as the man has perfected the art of humming hit records. Here he acts as the cool, calm and collected anchor to Kanye’s irrationality. The two have always been at their absolute best together.

The 7 track album is sonically more cohesive and showcases some of Kanye’s best verses in years, check Reborn for evidence. The album opens with a Pusha T verse full of bravado and boldly, ultimately correctly, stating that the details are ironed out. Fire opens with humming from Cudi and already lives up to its namesake.

The album closer, Cudi Montage, is the absolute highlight; I instantly recognized the looped guitar riff. Cudi being a Nirvana fan makes the sample of Kurt Cobain’s “Burn the Rain” make a ton of sense. The track finds Kanye expressing empathy, something he’s not known for these days. This album is a sample treasure trove, like the Louis Prima assisted 4th Dimension.

The runtime is less than 25 minutes of pure bliss. Just make sure there’s more humming on KSG2.

Khris Blaze


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