Synesthesia Review: Jay Rock – Redemption

Legend states that TDE can’t drop a bad album. Redemption solidifies that notion.

When Jay Rock was involved in a near fatal car crash many feared for he’s life. There might not have been a third album. Redemption shows so much growth musically from the often forgotten Black Hippy member. The album opens with Rock going absolutely HAM on “The Bloodiest”. The album closes with a motto everyone should shout from the rooftops, WIN. Between these two tracks is a whole story about, Redemption.

When production matches he’s performance the album shines brightest. Clear examples being the Jeremiah assisted Tapout, Knock it Off and Rotation 112th. There’s the obvious standout tracks OSOM that features KOD himself, J. Cole and Wow Freestyle featuring TDE’s MVP Kendrick Lamar. There’s also Kendrick sprinkled throughout the album in the form of ad-libs and the hook of the shortened Kingz Dead.

The chemistry shared between Jay and Kendrick is infectious as they trade hard hitting verses without missing a single punch on the aforementioned Wow Freestyle. These two have always been solid GOLD together. SZA adds a whole other level of depth to the titular track with Rock painting a picture of he’s own funeral. There’s sadly no Q or Soul, but surprisingly they don’t feel missed.

The short runtime of less than 45 minutes ensures easy listening and with production from Hit Boy and Sounwave it just makes it that much more enjoyable.

Khris Blaze


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