Synesthesia Review: Drake – Scorpion

This album rinses the bitter taste of Views out of the mouths of Drake fans and shows exactly why he’s at the stage he’s at.

The longstanding argument has always been that Drake isn’t really a good rapper. The A side squashed that notion. He’s actually the quite better than many will ever give him credit. The B side ironically contains more curse words for an R&B portion of the album. The B side does however have more fluidity to it.

Drake took an L and no matter what, in the eyes of an actual hip-hop head that L matters. The A side sounds like Drake doing damage control. Check the intro, Survival and Emotionless for clear cut examples. The latter also has Drake summing up our generation in a few cleverly constructed bars. There are more hidden gems on the album besides the singles released, such as Jaded and In My Feelings.

The bloated track list comes with few features that allows Drake to shine even more, never thought it to be possible. Jay-Z has been on somewhat of a tear recently and a verse as strong as he’s really boosted the album. There’s some posthumous work of Static Major and Michael Jackson on showcase as well. The real MVP of 2018 TY$ also makes an appearance.

My initial response was that it’s better than NWTS and after a full week I retract that statement, it’s still better than Views and one of the best from 2018.

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