I talk to artists about their goals on a daily basis and one piece of advice I always give out is that people should stop waiting for their plans to be perfect. I tell them to start.


If you have an idea that you want to launch, spend limited time in the planning phase because I assure you that you will want to make changes after the first few days of implementing that plan. I like using the analogy of a ship; get the vessel onto the water and make sure you take supplies with you. As you sail along, you will use the supplies to make repairs to the ship and do modifications. These on-the-go repairs might seem awkward, but they work out better because they save the crew time from having to dock and look for supplies. Treat your plans the same way by getting the ship on the water as soon as possible. Let the mistakes happen, learn from them, adjust and then move on. My website has changed so many times since I uploaded it the first time. If I had waited to draw up the perfect site plan before launching it, I wouldn’t have learned any of the lessons I did.


Remember that if your plan is trend-based then you have limited time to start executing. You may ask what all the rush is, but I see procrastination gripping so many talented individuals. It pains me to see a gifted artist release one song, send 3 emails and perform twice in the space of a year. Plans are great, but don’t get bogged down by them. Start.



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