Services Offered



Music production

Beat creation over all genres. I try pull all my resources together to make music that is well suited to your request. My usual turn around time is a week but this changes as my schedule gets busier. I have pianists, singers and session guitarists that come into studio to help out with difficult projects.

Recreation of music files or beats/instrumentals

Do you have an mp3 or old voice note that you need recreated? I can sit with the audio file and recreate the music so that you have stems available for mixing purposes

Artist recordings and voice overs

The studio boasts crisp recordings that are fit for all types of media. Feel at home while we work towards achieving your goals.

Graphic design and photo editing

We contract freelance graphic editors when available. The current roster is handpicked by me and only the designers with the best work are made available to you.

Music production tutoring

I teach new and experienced producers to improve the quality of their music. I don’t boast any degrees or certificates nor do I promise to give you any qualification. The focus is on getting to where your musical goals are by increasing your knowledge.

Music marketing tutoring

I help artists and producers work on promotion strategies. Please note that I don’t do the marketing for you, I help you come up with a solid plan to do the marketing yourself. It’s a long and tedious process, but it guarantees moderate to high levels of success over a year. The model is based on information I’ve gathered over the years concerning promotion.



As per the terms of service, prices can be discussed and negotiated directly. SilasBeats keeps an up to date pricelist with discounts and special offers. I know that a lot of artist budgets don’t allow for some of our products and we try our best to create a package that suits them best.

One of my FAQs is whether or not I sign artists. Unfortunately I don’t sign artists or give people record deals. Those people that know how I work, I usually stay away from such deals in any case. We also don’t take new artists in to work under the business. I have artists that I work with from time to time, but I keep my collaborations very fluid.