Same same, but different

Just a brief history lesson on professional wrestling; it was done to entertain viewers at carnivals in the late 1800’s. The majority of the moves were developed during the early 1900’s, especially during the 1920’s by Ed Lewis and 1930’s by Lou Thesz.


There aren’t many moves that you can invent that can be considered new in terms of wrestling. You can however add your own twist to a certain move to make it your own. This is the reason why AJ Styles is highly regarded as one of the best and known as a master innovator of offensive enervation.


I watched he’s podcast interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin and he mentioned that he’s taken moves from those before him, but he will always add he’s own signature to it. That’s why when he does any move in the ring these days, it’s hardly mentioned as being popularized by someone else, it’s simply just associated with Styles due to it being altered.


This is what needs to be done in music as well. There’s a ton of “new school” trap artists and every single day a new one pops up. They’re all doing the same style of hooks and verses over the same instrumentals. The market is overly saturated and that’s why few people stand out.


You need to find your own niche when it comes to music in general, not just trap. The so called mumble rappers who do stand out do so, because they all are doing something different. Future sounds completely different from a Young Thug or Xxxtentacion.


I’ve been telling everyone who would listen that Travis Scott is in a league of he’s own when it comes to doing trap. There’s nobody who can compete with him; main reason being is that his form of trap is on a totally higher plateau.


There’s artists such as Bryson Tiller who took trap and added his own twist to it by incorporating soul samples into it, giving birth to Trapsoul. That shot him into the limelight and this generated mainstream attention.


The same can be said about producers who have this new found obsession with the same VST’s and drum kits. You need to discard what is popular or you will never stand head and shoulders above the rest. Silas spoke about leaving a legacy and nobody wants to be remembered as “that guy who produced that song by whoever.”


You wanna do trap? Good. Just be different. You wanna be on some conscious buzz? Good. Just be different. You can make it in this industry, but not by being the same as everyone else.


K’hris Blaze

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