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So I came across an article written by a South African rapper called “how to make it as a rapper in south africa”. I hate confrontation so I won’t mention the persons name here. I think he had 21 points. I agreed with the first three. It was late for the rest.

I know what you’re thinking and no, I don’t rap nor do I claim to know how to “make it” (I hate the term make it cause It’s way to broad for my liking), but I can relate a few valid points to my experiences with South African rap.

You’ll know when you need a manager
You definitely won’t need one from day 1. Get up off your ass and create a buzz on your own. Get a small group of like-minded individuals together. It’s going to be quite rough for the rapper who waits on the perfect manager to pick them up and make something of them. You’ll wait, my friend.

Hop on the trend train and see what happens. I get at least one request a week for a turn up beat.I cringe and proceed to check out my archive. The turn up train left a really long time ago. Hip hop in SA is about to change up again. Will you still be turning up?

Miss people with the spam
What happens when you force feed a child? Forcing your music down listeners throats will get you blocked. I always say it, but apparently it’s bad advice. Jacking people’s email addresses and sending unsolicited emails asking them to download your work is still spam (apologies to the many people I’ve done this to in the past. I’ve changed my ways, I promise).

Free beats are cool in the beginning, but make a plan to get a hold of some exclusive beats. Home recordings are cool in the beginning, but find a good sound engineer to hook up a solid, clean sound. A good mix (that you may certainly always need to pay for) makes a world of a difference.

Here’s a quick example about small investments

I released a beat tape in 2012 hoping for some buzz. The project never really took off and I attribute it to the fact that I was advertising the same way everyone else was. In 2013, I released another and spent R500 on marketing. The response was exponentially better. I can only imagine what another well placed R500 would have done. If you want to know what I did, hit me up. In the bigger scheme of things, that cash wasn’t much because I got so many more good clients (s/o to those people).

Need more info? Google search and be selective of what you read.

If you’re an artist trying to “make it”, email your work to me and let’s get to work on something great.


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12 thoughts on “SA up and coming rapper must read

  1. I’d like to thank you for the advise and u honestly mentioned some of the things I used to do not realizing time waisting part ot em….much appreciate it

    1. No doubt man. There was a lot of stuff that I had to stop doing. There’s a lot of good information on Google. All the best

  2. Thanx a lot 4 the advise. I’m surely gonna take all the things u put down into consideration. I guess I shouldn’t blame it on being female in this hip hop game, rather pick myself up & never give up on my talent & wanting 2 put it out there! I’d really like 2 learn more…

    1. It’s nice to hear from a female member of the hip hop society. More info? Head over to Google and look for your info. Il be posting more here from time to time so stay tuned in. Keep making music and learning about the craft. We all have room to.

  3. I admire and apreciate the fact that you take your time to help shape the direction of SA music. Truley you are making your mark

    1. No doubt. Hopefully there will be a lot of good content in the future. Thank you

  4. Thanx for that info man I neva realised it before how most things waste our time now imo get ma hustle on !!!!!!!!! Appreciated

    1. No doubt man. Take it all in and throw up the crap. There’s a lot of rubbish info out there.

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