Read widely. Yes, musician. I’m talking to you!

You can Google terms and do research quite easily these days. When I was doing my masters degree I found out what ‘doing a deep search’ really meant. After finding and dissecting my first 40 articles for my thesis my supervisors kept telling me to read more widely. They told me to spend time on different publications and to spend time looking at resources on different mediums other than the internet. When I started doing this my article count quickly increased to about 100. My thesis became stronger and felt my knowledge of the topic increase immensely.

I get messages from people looking for GOOD music publishers saying they did a Google search and only found Sheer Publishing. No offense to Sheer, but they are the FIRST result when you type in ‘music publisher South Africa’. When I found this out I realised how laziness can defeat humans quite quickly. Sometimes we have to go past the first result on Google for the best information.

If you aren’t aware of the difference between mixing and mastering, read widely. If you don’t know how multiband compression works, read widely. If you aren’t aware of the difference between distribution, publishing and licensing, read widely. If you aren’t fully aware of what a record label, publisher, manager and booking agent do, read widely.

You’re going to hate me, but I finally get why lecturers asked us to read notes BEFORE a lecture. It was to spark a deeper understanding of the work and get us to do EXTRA research so that we could ask BETTER questions in class. This apparent lack of drive to find information outside of our comfort zone has been with us since school💡.

Take extra steps to do a little more on-the-go research in your life. Broaden your understanding of things in your industry especially if it’s your livelihood. How effective is a doctor, musician or business person who knows 40% of their industry?

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