One chance? It takes 10 000 one chances

I get quite a few emails from artists and producers looking for that one chance to be a star in the music industry. I know that they mean well and they just want to be successful, but I don’t think they realise that they are standing at the bottom of a very treacherous mountain. The main reason they don’t realise this is that that mountain is covered in a thick fog that they can’t see through. This means that people never really know how high up they have to climb to get to the top or what kind of climbing gear they need. People go up a couple steps, get tired and then descend to the base and proceed to complain that it’s too difficult.


I prefer to look at any journey as an accumulation of one chance opportunities that lead to gradual success. Let’s look at Michael Dapaah (Man’s not hot guy)…


He’s been working!

For YEARS!!!


He’s been building his comedy career for many years, trying to bring different characters to life. In an interview on The Breakfast Club, he said that he wasn’t expecting to become such a huge success this year. He was aware that the “Fire in the booth” freestyle did well, but he didn’t count on it doing what it did. If you go and do some research on him you’ll quickly realise that he’s been grinding a long time. He got a degree, created and developed multiple characters, did many shows, tried many ideas (many of which flopped), yet he still managed to continue. Superficially, it seems that the Man’s not hot track made him blow up when in actual fact it was the many chances that he took leading up to that event that made his brand explode.


Don’t give up on your goals especially so early on. Things will go well and things will go badly. Triple down on the work ethic and get more stuff out there. You could be the best artist in your country, but that means absolutely nothing if you aren’t using your social media platforms to get noticed. Develop your craft and show people what can do DAILY not MONTHLY or BIANNUALLY. People have short attention spans so you need to be popping up consistently in many places. One day when you look back at all the hard work you’ll realise it was all worth it.



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