New creative space

I’ve been in a very good space creatively over the past two weeks. I recently resigned from my job as a physiotherapist and decided to take on music full time. It came as no surprise that the first week was full of ups and downs because of this decision. I was up very early on some days while I felt like I had a hangover on others. My body struggled with the initial shift.


I’ve been blessed to be busy from the word go. I had about ten sessions in the first week alone with the addition of accommodating someone who applied from my mentorship program. He’ll testify to how busy it’s been. I’ve found extra time to put elaborate beats together where previously I may have been too tired to squeeze out any more content. I’ve been able to accept more recording sessions as well as bring my mixing and mastering time down significantly. The extra time has really allowed me to step up my music production game as well as the amount of hustling I’m able to do on social media.


One of the biggest surprises has been how busy the city gets during the day. In week one I met up with my videographer at 10:00 to go to the shop to pick up a new lense. I was so surprised to see the streets so busy. The coffee shops were all so full and the corridors were occupied. My prior thoughts of what happened between 9am and 1pm were squashed immediately. I’m so used to being in the wards or making my way around the clinic that I thought everyone else in the city did the same at their job.


The next thing that I noticed was that I don’t fear the weekend anymore. I think the reason we all get this #YOLO attitude on Friday night is because we know that Sunday is right around the corner. I’ve found myself having to hold my tongue when people talk about how the weekend is coming to an end to avoid upsetting them further. Eliminating Sunday and Monday blues has been my greatest victory thus far.


Initially, my sleep habits suffered. I fell asleep at 2am and I was up at 4am. The notion that the day begins when it begins made me feel a little weird each morning. I’ve slowly fallen into a pattern aided by regular exercise and a timetable.


It’s not all rainbows though…


I know that light and dark days are yet to come. The work begins for real now. It’s set to be a bumpy path, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’d like to find out how I got to this point, just have a look at this blog. I’ve documented most of my journey here and on my podcast.


Over the next few days I want to double down on my written documentation so although my blog posts will be a bit shorter than usual, I want them to be more frequent.


Stay working,


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