Keep it fresh and unique (For real)

​Crazy how unique we all think we are. We come out the blocks guns blazing about our “new sound” or “new style” or “new flow”. I’m amazed at how much effort we go to to go against the norms when we’re creating new music. People go out of their way to make songs that sound left field. I hear snares in weird places, bass drums being panned to one side, reversed vocals that have been chopped, reversed and screwed. At the end of the day people are really happy with their creations because they sound nothing like anyone else’s. What of the marketing strategies that follow the song creation.
What baffles me is how we create these amazing works of art and we cheapen the whole process by using conventional means to market. We chuck tracks on datafilehost, we try so hard to get on a particular hip hop blog, we go after techniques we see have worked for other people so we think this is the only way forward. This, dear friends, is one of the biggest contradictions I’ve seen in our industry. 
Let me explain…
Music is an expression of self. It allows you to find a way to express yourself and be heard by the world. Aren’t we all different? Don’t we all have different stories to tell? Don’t we go out of our way to make the best music that we can so that it’s presentable to our audience? If this is all true then there is no freaking way in hell we should be using cheap services to push our brand. It’s not creative and it’s not unique so you cheapen your music when copying ideas verbatim especially when you have so many more viable options. Even the greatest beats/songs die a horrible death when they’re promoted in this copied fashion. 
I don’t know what the fascination is with copying other people’s successful campaigns. The reason why a particular advertising campaign worked for one artist will be the same reason it won’t work for you. People like to see creativity and real originality. It worked for them because they are who they are.Your audience would be able to see right through something if you faked it or copied it. If you tried to blog like I do, you may fail. Writing is a skill and not everyone can do it. Stay in your lane and find what works for you. I think we’d have so many more great artists in South Africa if more people looked around at the world and tried to make different types of marketing campaigns. There are so many ideas out there and I just feel like we’re all sleeping on them. It really does bother me to the core how much we are like sheep. 
I’ve got a simple request for you if you own a brand and you want to see yourself bringing the world to its knees or reducing your industry to tears because of the type of dope music you make. If you want to be recognised as a creative individual on a large scale then you need to prove it by doing markering differently. Stay away from conventional means and conventional services. It’s easy to try and replicate someone else’s success, but you’ll never get a chance to taste real real success unless you stay true to your strengths and accept that you weakness are just that. Even if your new methods don’t work initially, don’t be defined by your small failures and remain in control. Do your best and stay creative.
If you know of someone who needs to see this please forward this to them. It’s very practical advice and you may be helping them out in the long run. 
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2 thoughts on “Keep it fresh and unique (For real)

  1. We are very lucky to have some one like you really bless for your words,too deep.

  2. But how about when you take something and modify it /mix it with your style … Won’t it work maybe?

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