How to win at Facebook

As artists we need to make the most of our time on Facebook. Pushing your personal brand does NOT mean telling everyone over and over again that you’ve dropped new music. Everyone drops new music everyday and if that’s all your doing then you’re contributing to the noise.

Don’t be that person…

“XXX tagged you and 49 others in a post”

Unfortunately, there’s so much to learn about Facebook from sponsored post to algorithms and such. I want to give you some basic tips you can use to make the most of your Facebook posts. I’m in no way an expert and what I’m talking about below is simply what I’ve experienced over the last few years.

New artists might benefit more from a FB ad campaign than a music video

New artist’s goals should be centered around gaining as much awareness about their brand as possible. A successful music video can do that for you, but at what cost? I’ve seen big budget videos tank and as an upcoming artist you need to make every cent you have count. Instead of spending 15K to 45K on a big budget video, why not push that money into well-placed FB ads. There’s less risk this way and you’ll be spending smaller amounts of money at a time as opposed to the 40K you’ll need to put up before your video gets shot and edited. FB ads can be controlled and you can pause your ad at any moment if you want to make changes or cancel the ad altogether. Building up your profile on social media will help you attract more engaged fans. Also, remember that traditional media like TV and radio are being rivaled by the internet now. It’s 2017 and we can’t pretend that social media makes up the last 5% of the hustle. Don’t get left behind. Push from all angles.

If you have 1000 likes/followers, you’ll find that only a small percentage of those people will see each post

Only a small percentage of your followers will see what you post. Firstly, not everyone is online when you post and by the time they log on, your post might be stale news that’s way down their newsfeed. Don’t post at 1am if your fans are usually up during the day. It sounds silly, but some of our best ideas come at that time. Instead of posting right away, schedule your post so it gets published the next morning. Secondly, Facebook’s dreaded algorithm makes it so that fans only see what relevant to them. If they usually interact with your content, they’re more likely to see your new posts. If they don’t usually interact with your content, you’ll get pushed into the background much faster. It ends up being a constant battle for your follower’s attention.

FB doesn’t like it when you link out of the platform

When posting to your page, FB will penalize you for linking to your blog, website, music store, YouTube, soundcloud etc. They want people to stay within the walls of their platform. It sucks for when you want to push a project, but it’s their platform and you want to attract their users therefore you play by their rules. This is one of the reasons I started blogging direct to FB instead of linking to my website.

Good content is rewarded

Your trick to winning on FB is creating ENGAGING posts that people will click on.

Engagement is also rewarded

If I interact with you today via a comment or a like, chances are I’ll see your new post tomorrow. As I said before, FB wants you to see what you want to see. If I engaged with you on one occasion, I’m more likely to see your next post next time I log on. People will also engage with you more if you reply to their comments. People come to FB for interaction. If someone comments on your post, reply! Don’t pretend like you’re too good to say thank you, what’s up or spark up some conversation. Build connections.

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