How much is a beat?

I get this question all the time. Often I’ll take a pre-written body of text, customize it and then send it to the person asking. Today I want to discuss it a little deeper…


Ever since the rise of the bedroom producer, we’ve found a whole new group of musicians emerging. These beat makers set their own prices and basically run their small business the way they want to with very little input from outside parties. They set up shop on an online platform or they peddle beats on their smartphone to any artists looking for an instrumental. This way of doing business differs from the health sector where everything is very structured and medical aid rates exist to govern prices set by private practices. These organisations make the playing field a bit more predictable and allow for a more even spread of the wealth.


In the world of beats and music, no such organisation exists. We are left to our own devices when setting up beat prices and this has led to some people taking huge pieces of the pie while some others are left wanting. Before answering the question in the title of this post, we first need to talk about how a beat maker goes about setting a price. The mindset is almost always the same…


After having played beats for a friend, the beat maker is asked how much the beat is. This question is usually met with a thumb-sucked answer and a whole lot of hesitation. Sometime later the beat makers ponders whether their pricing was correct.

“Was I too high?”

“Will they come back and buy it?”

The beat maker slowly comes to the conclusion that the price is fine for the time being and can be raised at a later stage. Over the next few months, the amount of sales that the beat maker gets dictates whether the original price goes up or down and a middle ground is found. From this point, small increases are made every now and again to try and combat the country’s inflation rates. This process can take months or years to perfect, but it usually hits steady ground as the business grows.


After explaining this it should come as no surprise that there is no real defined price for beats. I think the real question should be whether or not you can afford the type of license you are going for. The answer to this question will take a lot of the frustration out of making a purchase and will leave you in a whole lot more control of your situation when you finally step in studio and when you need to register the song. Also, the answers to this question will show you which type of producers you should go for and which ones you shouldn’t buy from.


Bear in mind that there is no regulatory body that sets what a beat price should be and that each beat maker is entitled to their prices for their catalog. If you are unhappy with the price tag you may need to reconsider the type of license you’re after or search for another seller. Some examples great websites that will help you purchase great beats that come with clearly defined stipulations are and I belong to both and I believe that their easy to scroll layouts and great features are perfect for any artist with any budget.


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