“How do I start? What do I do?” How to get into music production

“How do I start? What do I do?”

2 questions that always float around the minds of aspiring producers.

First off, if you’re looking for a quick way to get famous you’d probably have better luck throwing items at government officials.

You’re going to need a PC to begin. This computer is going to become the hub for your new hobbie/job. Make sure there’s an abundance of RAM. There’s nothing worse that a computer that needs a jump start because the project file is too large and complex.

A keyboard or controller isn’t necessary but its good to have for ease of access to your sounds (plus it looks cool in studio). I recently did a bit of research for a friend and one can pick up a 25 key KORG for under R600.00.

Set yourself up with a decent pair of speakers. Pro audio (soundcard and active monitors) is good but not always necessary at the start. I got by with a set of busted up Logitech computer speakers for many years.

With regards to software, pick a program (after doing some research of course) and stick to it. I started on reason and I’ve recently gotten used to FL Studio (formerly known as  fruity loops). I’ve found FL is simpler than Reason yet Reason is more user friendly.

With regards to sounds, more superfluous sounds on your PC equals more time spent making a beat. What I’m getting at is that one should get a few good-quality soundbanks and know your sounds well. There are few things more off-putting than searching for a decent sounding clap for 20 minutes.

In essence, that’s all that’s needed to become a beatmaker. Go out of your way to use unconventional methods and tweak every little sound to make them unique. It might not make you number 1 in SA but I bet you’ll climb the ladder a lot faster.

If you liked the post, go to the following link and catch a video of me in studio with J-lawless, Pdoto and Morale.


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