Encounter with Khuli Chana

I’ve been following this dudes progress for a minute and I’ve been trying to deconstruct and reverse engineer his path to his success. Not easy when the specifics aren’t well documented.

Here’s the story

My sister used to live in johannesburg way before I got here. She used to hang out with people here on weekends just like everyone else. One of those people was Khuli.  This guy wasn’t as well known as he is now, he was still a big deal. When my sister told me this, I didn’t really believe her. I was on some “yeah yeah, but I needed to see it”. pitching my work to this guy was still impossible. I was nowhere near where I needed to be plus he was heavy on that motswako vibe and I couldn’t make anything like that. I was a nappy second year physiotherapy student with a couple of beatmaking programs and a midi keyboard. Not the most impressive CV, hey?

Anyway, one day long after my sister and them used to hang out, she called me up and said she had tickets to a place called the butterfly lounge in Cape Town if I remember correctly. Khuli was performing. I took a friend and my girlfriend at the time. One of my sister’s friends was there and he promised me he would get me to meet Khuli. I was scared.

I watched the dude perform! His whole team was there. His set was brief, but it was tight. I could see everything was well thought out from his outfit to his song choice. He essentially had a bunch of people around him that were focused on getting the best out of every opportunity for this guy. It was no wonder why he was doing so well.

In the chaos of the performance, my friend had his phone stolen and he was in a bit of a mess. My sisters friend came to call me to meet Khuli. He suggested we get to him before he leaves the building. Now was my chance and I couldn’t even take it. All I had was a handshake. No beats. No music. He knew my family, I knew his friends, but I knew I wasn’t ready to work with the guy so I didn’t even pack a demo cd. My girlfriend decided to help my friend find his phone. I was sure it was long gone plus I had to go meet this guy.

So my sister’s friend lead me through the crowd, pushing people out of the way like I was VIP. I felt important. This guy (who was also a member of his team I’m sure) knew how to make things happen and he made things happen quickly. As we got closer I saw Khuli lock eyes with this dude leading me through the crowd. I knew my moment was coming. I was a mental wreck who had his processing speed reduced to that of a 7 year old. It was terrible.

Sister’s Friend: hey man! This is my sister’s name‘s brother. I told him I’d bring him through to meet you. He makes music too.

Me: confused look

Khuli: my sister’s name‘s brother? I see the resemblance! How’s it going?

Me: stammers good… Good!
(Like I had just learnt the meaning of the word good and felt it was necessary to say it again).

This guy was humble and he had a welcoming handshake. I couldn’t see past his shades, but I knew it was him.

Khuli: nice meeting you, man. Tell my sister’s name I say hi.

Me: Cool

That was it…
I met the dude…

I really wasn’t ready to meet the guy let alone let him hear my music. Things are different now though! I’d picture the situation a little differently were it to happen to me today.


prepares a flash drive with beats on before hand

Sister’s Friend: hey man! This is my sister’s name‘s brother. I told him I’d bring him through to meet you. He makes music too.

Me: Yes sir. How’s it going? Top performance by the way.

Khuli: thanks. my sister’s name‘s brother? I see the resemblance! You good?

Me: great. I know you’re in a mad rush, but before you take off, I prepared a flash drive with some beats and my contact details. passes flash over Dope performance again.

Khuli: I’ll take a listen. Are your details on here? (I’d assume he didn’t hear me the first time because of the noise in the club).

hands over a business card

Me: here’s my card.

Khuli: Cool. nice meeting you, man. Tell my sister’s name I say hi.

Whether or not anything would’ve come of that meeting is unknown (obviously), but I know I would’ve handled it better. I’d try not to bombard the dude, but I would make an effort.

I feel a bit better about that memory now.


That’s basically it.
Have a productive one.


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