Do you have online etiquette? 

​What’s good? 
I’ve been doing quite a bit of online promo recently and It’s brought a lot of different artists to my doorstep. Just today alone I think I’ve spoken to 50 odd artists via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well as over the phone. I won’t lie some of the messages and calls I’ve been getting have been fairly straightforward while others have been super complicated. Some people have been very nice to me while others have treated me quite badly. I know that this is business and it’s supposedly part of the territory. People aren’t always going to be nice and that’s the bottom line.
I had a new contact hit me up today and ask my for my prices for a track as his first message. That approach would be okay if I was in the shop and I was asking someone what the price of eggs was, but even in that situation I’d greet the person. I know some people say they want to get right down to business and they don’t want to have to deal with the niceties, but those very small niceties are how great relationships are made. Now that the person was rude to me I’m going to have a sour taste in my mouth every time they hit me up. This behaviour breeds more negative behaviour and is clearly toxic so I’ll be reluctant to contact that person for a follow up. It’s the same with phone calls. I’ve had some individuals contact me and right after saying hello they ask me what my prices are then they tell me they want us to work together. It’s a little off-putting. 
Another thing that’s surprised me is working off assumptions. Someone called me and started speaking to me in Zulu. After I politely asked for them to speak in English they gave me a piece of their mind for not knowing their language. Last time I checked, the international language of business was English. Anyway!
After seeing all that I thought it would be cool to blog a bit about how it makes a huge difference if you cold call people with a clean approach. Easy conversation with an easy tone makes for the start of a great relationship. If there is any advice I could give regarding communication it would be that one should always do a bit of research on the person before picking up the phone to call. Know why you’re calling and know what you want. Be nice and try to be clear. That is all. 


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