Collaboration with other musicians is super important

Creatives can’t be successful by themselves.

We can’t be successful as creatives if we only spend time by ourselves. This is not how we were designed.

Growing up i was extremely reserved so I didn’t spend time with friends after school. I much rather preferred sitting in my room, throwing my blanket on the floor and pretending the bunched up portions of the blanket were mountains and valleys. I made people out of Lego, gave them names and races, genders and jobs and played with them all afternoon. I preferred to get lost in my imagination than to interact with people back then. I didn’t really like people at all.

Fast-forward 20 years and I still enjoy my own company. I can sit on my own and make music for hours without a care for appetite, personal hygiene or my smartphone. I usually return to a phone riddled with missed calls and text messages asking where I’ve been. Who else can relate? You knew that you needed to get away, but society punishes you with messages that scold you for having spent a bit of time away from your smartphone.

Although this alone time is necessary to be able to reflect and practise our craft, we have to employ equal amounts of outgoing characteristics. It’s through these interactions and relationships that we learn why we are the way we are. I know I’m reserved in nature because I’ve spent time around a lot of outgoing, loud people. It’s also through these interactions that we grow strong relationships that allow us to succeed. As humans, we work so much more efficiently when we pool our resources. We’re also social creatures so we’re not wired to be alone. Artists who prefer to work alone don’t always progress as quickly as the artists that build a team of solid members who have a common goal.

As a creative I implore you to spend time shaking hands and meeting up with like-minded people who have similar interests, hobbies, jobs and experiences to help you grow in your craft. You’ll learn faster, more valuable lessons than if you had struggled though it all alone. The more you cultivate these strong bonds with your colleagues the more resources you’ll have access to meaning that you have more clout when you try to implement your ideas. You can build up a lot of leverage through connecting and building these relationships.

Get out there and connect.

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