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I’m usually the dude behind the scenes when a song is being recorded. Many of my buddies are in the business of making music.

They often ask me to sit in on sessions due to my synesthesia. I help keep track of the direction of the song and whether it’s heading in a positive or negative direction, depending on my synesthesia of cause.

This obviously is in no way a guarantee that the end result will be a hit record. My synesthesia might react positively to one thing and then the untrained ears of commercial listeners might vehemently disagree and label it trash. Just to put it into perspective…

Dance With the Devil is one of the greatest songs ever written/composed, but even I’m aware that it’ll never be accepted commercially. Then on the other hand the more recent Wild Thoughts was a huge hit and for the life of me, I don’t know why. Millions listened to it and loved it and it had such a major impact on the Billboard charts. I believe it’s a generic song that shouldn’t have seen the light of day, its trash.

That’s coming from a huge Bryson Tiller fan. Yet, I’d still have seen the commercial upside to releasing it.

That’s not to knock my synesthesia for not knowing what a commercially successful song sounds like.

My buddy Dizzy after all does have two radio singles that are doing quite well. I’m proud to have been a part of the recording process in both of the songs. I’ve managed to tell the difference between a hit and a really good song. So that even when my synesthesia reacts negatively towards a particular song I’m still able to see it’s commercial upside, if it has any.

I’m still very much in the early stages of being a record producer so my input is still very much subject to opinion. I might learn slow, but in the end I do learn.

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