Becoming Charles Manson about YOUR music

There’s no elite artist walking this planet that would be in that position without us, the fans. We’re the ones who placed them on that pedestal. That’s something that escapes the conscious of emerging artists. Let’s acknowledge the importance of fan engagement.


You’re never going to have a mass following right from the jump, not in today’s musical landscape. You’re going to start off small and work your way up. Let’s say that you have been releasing music for 10 months and you notice 3 people constantly talking about it on social media, engage those 3 people.


The next step would be keeping in constant contact with those 3 people. That in turn leads to them telling more people about YOU & YOUR music. So you started off having 3 core fans who have told 2 more people each about how amazing you music is. Boom! 9 dedicated core fans.


You keep in constant contact with all 9 of those people and that in turn leads to them telling more and more people about you. You keep on repeating the process until you have a group of an almost unmanageable number. That’s when you start some sort of mailing list and through that process you grow a fan base of over 1000 people.


You shouldn’t put your feet up neglect those people by just sending them all the same emails, set out at least 10 minutes for each of those people. That’s just an example. It’s a doable example.


The days of attaining God-like status off a few projects alone are long gone. YOUR fans want to engage with YOU. They want to know what YOU’RE doing and when YOU’RE doing it. They want to be there for YOU during the highs and especially during the lows. Take them through the journey and you will experience the milestones as a team. Invite people into your world. Engage with people on that basis and watch your core group of fans grow. It’s not rocket science, but it is hard work.


Look at someone like Logic who engages with fans every day. He even had a whole bunch of them speak on his Young Sinatra: Undeniable mixtape on the track Worldwide.


Become Charles Manson about YOUR music and make believe in it. You’ll reap the rewards.

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