Artist: Invest in yourself

People aren’t talking for their health when they say that investing in yourself and your craft is important.

If you believe in yourself so much then you owe it to yourself to invest. Invest your time and your money. Buy books to learn, use the internet to do deep searches, buy the best equipment you can afford and put time into self development. When you put that time and money in, people will see you. People naturally gravitate toward people that work hard and use what they have well. Soon you’ll find yourself being able to make use of other people’s time and money to further yourself.

An artist asked me why my instruments sound a little different and I said it’s because I know beatmakers don’t pay for sounds. It’s true, we don’t. A lot of what is used is pirated or cheap sounding drums that we get from a friend. All I had to do was make a few strategic purchases here and there and my music sounded different. I also know that the best sound kits and instruments are sold, not pirated. Spend a bit of time on BLAPkits and you’ll see what I mean. I didn’t have the money when I bought my equipment, but I had a plan and the belief that I’d work that money back if I borrowed it.

I’ve seen friends get annoyed when they put in years of sacrifice and hard work to land a major job or get a major accolade and the next person turns to them and says something like “you’re lucky that that happened to you” or “how did you manage to do that?”. They didn’t walk down the street one day and fall onto a six pack and ripped body. A degree didn’t fall from the sky and hit them on the head. Their formula was simple: they spent a ridiculous amount of hours obsessing over something that didn’t seem rational at the time.

“It takes years to become an overnight success”. When you see that new artist hit the scene and make a breakthrough there’s usually a long story behind that involving years of punching the bag, putting money in and getting nothing out, hitting walls, small wins, many failures, depressive states, anxiety, blood, sweat and real tears. Let’s all invest in a little bit before we feel we deserve nice things. 🏋

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