Are you cutting through the noise? (PART 1)

I want to do a 3 part post. Over the next three days I want to go into how you can cut through the noise on social media. We all have a story we want to tell through our music. Each one of our stories is unique and this should make it super easy to build a fan base. Why do we still struggle to cut through all the noise on social media? My theory is that if you aren’t cutting through the noise, you’re adding to it. It’s that simple.


The first mistake I see is that context isn’t being built when artists put music out. People don’t care about your music because they don’t care about you. You need to build context by letting people into your situation. This doesn’t mean posting about what you ate every day or showing off your family. We all deserve some degree of privacy, but there are things you can share that will help build context for potential fans. Will it hurt to post about your favourite sports team once in a while? How about talking about how you felt about the new Eminem song? Do you have an opinion on a current event? This is all grounds for making a new post on social media. If you want to take it one step further you might want to let people in on a few key pieces of information that make you unique. Where were you born? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Some examples of this in my posts are the times I mention that I grew up in the Eastern Cape or that I’m a trained physiotherapist. I bring it into conversation without forcing the situation. I’m also always posting about Chelsea FC or my old TV games that I enjoyed while growing up. This stuff gives people context and context helps to build your story. Your story is what will help you connect to people and this will ultimately lead you to growing a base of people who mess with your work because they mess with you as a person. Think about this the next time you want to post about your new fire banger of a track.


Unfortunately, the days where your music alone would be enough to develop a fan base are gone. I’m watching Cassper’s road to filling up the FNB stadium and it’s one of the best examples of context building and storytelling I’ve seen from a hip hop artist. He’s making people fall in love with his brand by showing each step of the way. He didn’t have to show us his struggles. He could’ve gone straight to marketing the event and building up hype, but he’s brought us close by showing us where he’s struggling. We know that he’s going through rough periods in trying to make this event work and he’s selling us his story by strategically documenting the whole process. This process of showing us that he is also just a human being with a dream is what we need to do on a daily basis to build our fan bases.


Artists and producers want comments, likes and shares on their posts but are they earning them? Earn your fan interactions by being more than just a insert fire emoji’s here artist. Do more than just posting beats and expecting people to “purchase your tracks today”. Do more than just trying to spend 30K on a video of you and your people chilling in the club or on the beach. Build context by telling your story. Show people who YOU are.


Tomorrow I’m going to talk about the next thing you need to do to cut through the noise on social media.



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