3 ways to improve your craft as a musician

The music industry is characterized by a need to be unique. The best of the best only become the best of the best by being unique. they’ve taken the time to develop their sound and their image and what you’re seeing as the consumer is the product of years and years of sculpting and polishing. I want to talk to you today about 3 ways you can take your craft to the next level. Please like and share this post with friends if the things I talk about make sense.


Focused practice

To succeed you need to practice. To succeed at practicing you need to do it everyday and have a goal in mind. Why do people lift weights? to look good and be healthy. Why do people further their studies? To create more opportunities for themselves. Once you find your motivation, you need break it down into sub-sections. As a music producer my overall goal for practice was to make better music. I broke this down into recording, mixing and mastering. Under recording I practiced how to open up Cubase and load up a project, how to record properly and how to cater to any requests an artist might have. After learning these fundamentals I learned how to do it all very quickly. Practicing mixing and mastering forced me to learn what each VST plugin does as well as the principles behind basic effects like compression, reverb and delay. Having a practice regime is important because it helps you become efficient when you’re required to perform.


Diversify your abilities

People warn against being the jack of all trades and master of none, but mastery is subjective. Why not become really good at a few things that way you have more differentiating factors when you’re required to set yourself apart from others. A videographer that only focuses on capturing video doesn’t stand a chance against a creative who is able to capture the video, edit the video, take pictures, edit the sound, package the product and send it out. The videographer might be excellent at what they do, but videographers are easy to find. All-in-one creatives are a hot commodity. As an artist, know how to prepare a demo with a rough mix. As an engineer, learn how to put a beat together or write lyrics. As a music producer, learn how to write songs, play instruments and hook up different DAWs. You might not end up become great at all those extra things, but you will be able to leverage those abilities and make yourself look unique.


Employ patience

10 000 hours. I don’t say this for my health. It takes time to build great things and great things aren’t ever cheap. I sold you a car for R500 you’d think there’s something wrong with it, right? What do you expect will happen when you step onto the scene and you think you’re the best? Same same. If you don’t put in the hours, you can’t expect the respect or the long-term spoils of victory



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