3 tips to making better beats

Every beatmaker wants to improve, but some of us might not necessarily know how to. Here are three quick tips that are guaranteed to improve your beatmaking skills within 30 days.


1. No stock sounds
This will ensure you’re original. Try to stay far away from using drum sounds that came with the program. These aren’t always the best quality and can leave your beat sounding quite cheap. Same thing goes for your synths. If you are going for a preset sound, make sure it’s from a bank that isn’t easily available, but if you absolutely must use a particular stock sound, tweak it a bit to give it your own flavour.

2. Recreate good beats
If you hear something you like on radio, try to recreate it. This is a really good way to learn new tricks and develop your skills. I’ve learnt new music scales and new synth riffs this way. I’ve also learnt how certain well-known beatmakers make really hard hitting and catchy drum lines.

3. Step out of your comfort zone
Make a genre you’re not used to. This gets you thinking laterally and keeps you really versatile. I was heavy into commercial hip hop before getting into dubstep and EDM. These two genres really improved my technical game. Then I got into African beats and that really improved my drum grooves. I’ve been able to take what I learned from those other genres and bring it back to hip hop and I can say that my beats are sounding cleaner and I feel pretty versatile when beat orders come in.

I’ll be going over a few more tips in my next post on improving your beatmaking. If you have any tips or questions, let me know via whatsapp on 074 605 7360 or via email at silasbeats@gmail.com. have a good one.

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